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Island Fusion

Caribbean Restaurant

Island Fusion brings you the most authentic and delicious flavours, offering you the chance to taste the real taste of the Caribbean through the many mouth watering cuisines personally prepared by our highly trained chefs. Knowing all the fresh authentic flavours and spices the Caribbean has, at Island Fusion we want to make sure you join us in discovering them all, our chefs make sure they bring that flavlour into every dish prepared so that your palate enjoys the Caribbean and all that it has to offer. Dining with us is a journey to the islands, take in the delicious aromas, tastes and vibes unique to the Caribbean.We use natural, fresh produce, herbs, spices and traditional cooking methods for a real taste of the Caribbean. Join us at Island Fusion as we bring the island to you and your family.


We have an extensive range of breakfasts that will fit any appetite and likeness! Our breakfasts will wake you up in the tastiest way possible!

Lunches & Brunches

We offer a diverse lineup of lunches. These include our many Latin flavours, al of which taste amazing!


Our dinner will blow your mind, our waisters will be willing to help you make up your mind, all you have to do is pick and enjoy!

Things We Cook the Best

Background Whit Food

Authentic Caribbean cuisine.

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